What Xi’an Wears

Sure, some of China’s style is derived from Western influence.  Some.  Here we’ll take a look at the fashion statements that are unlike anything we’re used to seeing at home. 

Match Made in Heaven
Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 9.03.43 AM

Matching couples? Ha! What a corny idea! In America, while some people thinking couples wearing matching clothing is cute, most can’t help but snicker a little at it. Because of the social stigma, matching couples are a rarity in America. But not in China! Daily, it is not uncommon to spot a couples strolling down the streets while donning matching t-shirts . And once in a while, you may even see couples in fully matching outfits! While some couples wear childish clothing like panda hoodies, others may often choose to wear highly fashionable blazers or quirky smilie face t-shirts. After living in Xi’an for a while, it’s hard not to admit that some of the outfits can be quite cute and stylish. Who knows, maybe this trend will someday reach America.

Written by: Lynn

Who Let the Dogs Out?
2013-04-06 14.53.54

Ms. Shorter likes to point out that most all Americans like dogs.  She finds our affinity for them rather odd.  When I arrived in China I was surprised to see not only that a number of people have small dogs, but also that many of the dogs are dressed up in little outfits.  And Ms. Shorter thinks American’s dogs are weird…

Written by:  Abigail

The Allure of PolyesterIMG_3735

As our beloved Cindy said, “the Gaoxin uniforms are the hottest thing in Xi’an”. And yes, on every block, you can identify a Gaoxin student by the flash of blue and white jogging past. Backpack in tow, these students will catch your eye with their polyester jumpsuits, almost too stylish to handle. Although the prestige of Gao Xin is enough reason to attend, the uniforms will push you that extra length to apply. No need for journaling, everything your bum sits on will be recorded in the back.

Written by: Christina and Mattie


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