Bios by CHEX 2013







 Abigail  has saved each of us in one way or another. The lack of toilet paper in literally every public bathroom is no problem, as long as you’re with this avid hiker.  Her pocket knife  proves to be very useful, especially for peeling apples!  She has an innate ability to read maps, even ones in a different language.  But be weary, behind her giggle-fits is a devoted “no-patroller” with a bag of witty remarks and sarcastic responses that she isn’t afraid to pull out! (Written by Maya)



Celia, a lovely girl, seventeen
I’d even say she is a fashion queen
The sketches mighty fine
Works out all the time
Drinks juice as fast as I’ve ever seen
Celia, is impressively well read
All sorts of good music fills that head
Witty sans aggression
Les Mis: obsession
Her knowledge is rather wide spread
Celia, we are glad that she’s here
She has brought us all many a cheer
Knows all ‘bout the famous
And her laugh is contagious
To us Celia is someone quite dear (Written by Abigail)

Besides her love of The Bachelor, mainstream music, and chicken nuggets, Christina is anything but your average girl. Crossing the street is not the same without her running wildly, screaming like a bird. She’s also amazing at Kungfu! As quoted by a friend, “Her flexibility makes dem Chinese boys go crazy.” While strolling the streets of Xi’an, her blonde hair and blue eyes cause crowds to stare. She never goes a day without receiving a picture request.  (Written by Lynn)



Lynn is an amazing role model and friend. Her social-skills prove her well; every day, we spot her with her tennis racket in hand, walking across the patched-up basketball court with a new friend. Her skills are put to the test on the badminton court almost everyday after school. On weekly excursions, she fawns over panda knick-knacks and bows for her hair. Being one of our most advanced Chinese students, Lynn is able to order dinner for nine with no problem. She also makes getting into college look easy when one quiet morning, she nonchalantly pointed out her acceptance into Northeastern University.  (Written by Christina)


Known to us as MOKB, Mattie would not be Mattie without her eccentricity and energy which I suspect to be very good qi.  She is the gooey stuff that sticks us all together and I find myself not talking to people in this group without her help. (Written by Pabs)


Maya Chan, or M Chan to her closest advisers, is a powerhouse that stands no taller than 5’3. Don’t let her size fool you because she will whip your butt at any sporting competition. Using her low center of mass and extreme athleticism Maya is a prodigy in the eyes of coaches across the world; from the BHS varsity soccer team to the Kung Fu classes we take on Mondays. She defines the term “mult-talented,” from holding the Guinness record for most chocopies devoured to rocking a guitar performance, she can do it all. Her religious practices include watching “The Bachelor” and “Grey’s Anatomy” as well as collecting cute animal school stationary. The few that regard her as annoying are just jealous of her ability to never have a bad photo. She has a gift for caring for her friends and we’re lucky to have her around. (Written by Peter)

IMG_0757 DSC_0331 IMG_3541Pabs enjoys singing parts of the Les Mis canon on crowded buses, eating questionable street food, and snapping pictures at inconvenient times. All of our lives are made better by his sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge. Including expanding his musical horizons. Unfortunately for the rest of the group, this means that we have listened to “I Will Wait” a thousand  times. Here’s to hoping Pabs continues to learn and enjoy life in Xi’an, maybe even finding a new song to play.  (Written by Celia)


We call him “The Lighthouse”.   You may think it’s due to his size. Sure, anyone can find our group by looking for his head towering at least a foot above the crowd.  Peter is tall.  It’s the first thing people say. He’s always the first to be seen.  (This works in our favor when we are looking for tour guides in crowds.) Yet, whether he is waving to onlookers or taking photos with any and every baby in China, it is obvious that Peter’s bright personality make the name more fitting.  People notice Peter for his height.  They remember him for better reasons.  (Written by Ms. Stevens)

Every seventh grade basketball team has that awkward kid wearing goggles. That was Ms. Stevens. Thirteen years later, she still retains this same impeccable charm. At twenty-six, she is still mistaken for a student. When Ms. Stevens steps forward, she’s often greeted with, “Oh. You look young.” Nonetheless, she exhibits traits of older generations. Namely, our grandparents’ generation. Even as a high school teacher, she can’t catch on to the teenage lingo. She even had us explain what a hipster was, since her red beanie and Oxfords prompted the label. Ms. Stevens, if a bit geeky, is a bona-fide boss. She can make teenage boys cry for sleeping through her class, but every morning, she still takes time to match her socks to her outfit. (Written by Mattie)


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