About the Program

Welcome to the website of 2012-2013 Brookline High School China Exchange.  

This program, affectionately known as CHEX in the BHS community, brings together 16 students and 2 teachers to live, learn, and engage in a global conversation.

In the fall, 8 students and 1 teacher from the Gao Xin #1 High School in Xi’an attended Brookline High School. They lived with our students, attended our classes, and came to understand the freedom and responsibility responsible for our unique school culture.

During this time, the Brookline students developed strong friendships with their Chinese counterparts while continuing their Mandarin studies and examining Chinese history and philosophy. Together with Brookline teacher Brittany Stevens, we explored Greater Boston through weekly activities focused on the city’s history and personality.

In time, the program of 18 formed a strong bond. The semester flew by, and in February both groups departed for China. The Gao Xin group left first; the BHS contingent followed shortly after, ready to start our lives in Xi’an after months of preparation and planning.

We are now enjoying our time on the other side of the program, living out the experience our Chinese friends enjoyed in the fall. We have settled into our role as members of the Gao Xin #1 High School community, alongside the Chinese students and teacher with whom we became so close. Our students are engaging in intensive language studies, immersion classes that place them in the authentic environment of a Chinese high school, and lessons in Modern Chinese History and Chinese English Literature led by Miss Stevens. Beyond this traditional scope of learning, our host families are also providing us with invaluable and unforgettable experiences of life in Xi’an.

(Along the way, we are reflecting and writing about the process. Read some of our personal journals here.)


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