About Our Group

Meet the 2012-2013 China Exchange

Picture 3Program Director:  Steve Lantos

The China Exchange would not be possible without the tireless effort of our director.  Steve is involved in every step of the process from selecting Brookline student representatives to spending weekends acting as tour-guide to the group from Xi’an.  He teaches Chemistry at BHS.  The photo here captures one of many emotional moments at the Farewell Banquet, an annual event that gathers our community to celebrate the group from Xi’an before they return home.

GX CHEX 2013:Picture 4

Photo from our tour of the State House during an evening activity this Fall.
Students from left to right:  Gary, Chen, Kevin, Will, Cindy, Alice, Sophie, Rebecca
Front row center: Gao Xin teacher, Jiwen Zuo

BHS CHEX 2013:

Photo from our Welcome Banquet upon arriving in Xi’an.
Students from left to right: Abigail, Christina, Mattie, Peter, Celia, Pabs, Lynn, Maya
Front row, third from left:  Brookline teacher, Brittany Stevens


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