On the Road: Yunnan

The Gao Xin school organized our trip to Yunnan province, including stops in Kunming, Lijiang, and Chuxiong.  We spent a lot of time on the bus and were more than ready to get out and stretch our legs when we arrived at the shopping district in Dali pictured below. IMG_1459

Our stay in Lijiang Ancient Town was a highlight of the trip.  This picture was taken on our first night. The students are joined by our guide and Mr. Song, our calligraphy teacher, under a canopy of hand-painted messages that people hang for luck.  IMG_1492

Morning view of Lijiang Ancient Town on our way out for the day’s activities.IMG_1511

CHEX 2013 stopping for a picture on our tour of Lijiang. IMG_1549

A break from the bus ride to get a side-of-the-road photo of the landscape.  If it isn’t obvious from Maya’s pout, it was far colder in the mountains than we expected it to be. IMG_1580

The group on their first of a few cable car rides.  IMG_1645

Pictures can’t quite capture the scenic views we enjoyed.  This is the closest I have came to getting the whole thing on film. IMG_1670

We stopped for tea and a show depicting wedding rituals of the Bai minority group on our way back to Kunming.  IMG_1733

Most of the group caused quite a stir at the Stone Forest in Kunming.  Mr. Song and I had to fight through a mess of Chinese tourists with their cameras to capture this moment on film.  I had to throw a few elbows to get to the front of the crowd and I’d do it all over again for this picture if I had to.IMG_1798


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