Getting Settled at the Gao Xin #1 High School

They sure do know how to send a warm welcome here in China.  On our first day of school we were greeted with a big welcome sign and tea with the school administration.IMG_3480

The work finally begins.   CHEX 2013 students, showing off their brand new uniforms, sit for the Chinese placement exam in the first few days on the Gao Xin campus.  IMG_3489

Soon after it was time for the Official Welcome Ceremony.  This picture was taken moments before the event began.  There was palpable tension in the room as we (myself included) paced corners of the room practicing our speeches.  IMG_3522

Fortunately, Will stopped by to check in on us and offer his expert advice. IMG_3520

Hosts for the event.  Xiaolan, our #1 resource at the high school, is pictured on the left.  IMG_1087

Will, one of our very own, acting as MC for the event.  IMG_1093

7/8 of CHEX 2013 waiting in line to give their individual speeches.  Pabs is not pictured as he was brave enough to volunteer as the first speaker.  They were great.  You all would have been as proud as I was if you could have been sitting in the first row beside me. IMG_1060

Big smiles from the group after the ceremony.   IMG_1111


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